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March Special: 100 assorted jigs $20, 200 assorted jigs $35, 500 assorted jigs $125

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Special Announcements

March Special is assorted bags of jigs in 100, 200, or 500 packs. I will be making these packs of mostly new release colors for the Spring fishing season! This is a huge value! 

Shipping on orders $40+ if FREE. Please select the proper shipping method in the checkout so you get the offer. IF YOUR ORDER IS NOT OVER $40 PLEASE DO NOT USE THAT SHIPPING METHOD, THE SYSTEM WILL CHARGE YOU!

Why Are We Different From The Rest?


Our Jigs have been developed to the standards of Fishing Guides and Tournament Anglers. They are formulated to hold on the hook but are soft enough for maximum action and fish attraction. We wanted to provide a jig that doesn't slide down the hook after the first bite so you can keep fishing and not have to change jigs each time.

Scent Infused

Our jigs have scent infused directly into the plastic. We are not limited to only Garlic or Anise. If you have a different scent you'd like to try, let us know and we'll infuse your baits with it. Direct infusion also eliminates the "greasy" feeling.

UV Enhanced

We have added a UV Enhancer which is directly added into the jig for maximum visibility in deeper water. This adds a "glow" to your jig that the fish can see making your jig more attractive than the ones without. Our jig heads are UV Enhanced also unless you request unpainted without UV.